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Domain Information
  • Country
  • Region
  • Extensions
    • 台灣(IDN)
Registration Rules
  • Requirements

    In the following situation, additional documents must be prepared:

    (a) Applicable for legally registered companies or firms registered according to the commercial registration law and foreign companies registered according to the laws of their countries.

    (b) Applicable for corporation or juridical association registered according to the laws; foreign non-profit organization must provide local registration certificate and application form which explain the purpose of registration and sign on it. The registration will be accepted only when document audition pass.

    (c) The applicant shall attach photocopies of class 1 license for telecommunications business or permit for the installation of network, or class 2 telecommunications business license and the domain name application form. If the applicant is an academic research unit and the network would be use for academic purpose, it shall attach a plan on the use of the network when submitting the application. Upon the approval of TWNIC, the application could be processed.

    The following words are reserved:

    (a) Words for governmental use.

    (b) Words for specific numbers based on for public interest.

    (c) Words which have been approved by ICANN as Top Level Domain

    (d) Names for registration at present, 1) Words which have been applied with ICANN as Top Level Domain Names; 2) Words for the countries name in the world and their 3-character abbreviations; 3) Words for TWNIC

  • Characters

    (a) Minimum: 3

    (b) Maximum: 63

    (c) comprise of letters and numbers

    (d) A domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen "-" or contain a hyphen "-" on the 3rd and 4th position.

  • Number of years allowed for registration

    1, 2, 3, 5, 10 years

    *Register/renew Chinese characters .台灣/.tw for 2 years, you can get another year for free. The given year will be added after the promotion ends (2012/11/30).


Ownership Transfer

(a) The transfer of registrant/owner for a domain can be done online by the new Registrant (transferee).

(b) The current Registrant (transferor) will have to approve the ownership change through the online confirmation. If no confirmation is done within 5 days, the change will not be made. Only upon approval by the current registrant, then the registrant/owner will be changed.

Registrar Transfer-In

(a) To transfer domain into Net-Chinese, registrant shall renew at least 1 year.

(b) You must process the domain transfer-out from the original registrar at first.

(c) For transfer of domains from international Registrar, domain transfer auth code is required.

(d) Application form is require for transfer the TW domains form foreign registrar.


*the applicant will be informed by Net-Chinese by e-mail to renew the domain name

90 days, 45 days and 30 days before the domain name expiration date*

*the applicant will be informed by Net-Chinese by e-mail to renew the domain name after the domain name expiration date*

1. The introduction and information of the domains in the website are for reference only. The applicant should fully acknowledge and agree that all the domain names should comply with the Domain Name Registration Agreement of all gTLDs and ccTLDs of ICANN The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the Domain Name Management Regulation, the Dispute Resolution, other related regulations and the policy requirements of the highest authority of each domain.

2. The regulation of the renewal of each domain is different and might be amended occasionally. Please pay and finish the domain renewal 30 days before the expiration dateif the renewal date is within 30 days before the expiration date, Net-Chinese will handle the domain name renewal according to the regulations of each registry. The additional charge should be at the applicant’s own expense.

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