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For PacNames customers, if you have questions listed below, please click the link.

How to create an account?
How to renew my domain?
How to transfer out my domains from Net-Chinese?

How to create an account?

We have sent out an invitation email on 2014-01-13 to the registrant, instructing creating an account at Net-Chinese. After completing the process, the domains will be listed in the account automatically. If you need us to resend the email, please write us your domains to [email protected] , instructing us to resend it.

How to renew my domain?

If you want to renew the domain, please follow the instruction below:
Pay via Paypal / Credit Card

Please visit and choose the years you'd like to renew domains for. And you could leave a message to tell us what domain to be renewed. If not, after completing the transaction, please email us your domain, PayPal account (email), transaction date, years of renewal to [email protected]. Please note that the price for renewal is USD 9.55 per year for each domain, additional 5% transaction fee charged by PayPal and this payment method is OK even with no PayPal account.

Prepayment account
If you’d like top up USD100 in the account to renew your, please follow the instruction below.
  1. Login your account and click click “Account Balance”
    (If you don’t have an account, please go to How to create an account? )
  2. Choose one of the payment method to top up your accout.
    Please be noticed that we will verify the payment by at least one business day.
  3. PayPal:[email protected]

How to transfer out my domains from Net-Chinese?

For domains transferred in Net-Chinese from PacNames, please write us your request to [email protected] by the registrant’s email address. Once receiving the registrant’s email, we will send the auth code.

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PayPal:[email protected]

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