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China Marketing Solution

Since the economy of China has been going to be the world's second largest, there will be a great demand of Chinese Domestic Market. With over 1.31 billion people, including 400 million internet users, China has the largest population of any country in the world and offers a fast growing market for online-business.

Domain Service

Since 10th February, CNNIC released more restrictive rules and regulations on CN domains registration. Only multinational companies with a business office registered by the Chinese authorities can register CN domains. CNNIC not only restricts to domain registration, but also to domain resolution. Even CN domains have been registered successfully, there are several regulations being required to resolve CN domains. Therefore, the availability of CN domains is getting harder and harder. Understanding the difficulty of registering and resolving CN domains, Net-Chinese provide the China Marketing Solution Services that can assist you to find local trustee if you can not meet the requirement of CNNIC. Also, Net-Chinese can assist you to apply for domain resolution after CN domains have been registered successfully. Even you need to recover your CN domains, Net-Chinese can assist you on this issue as well.

ICP Registration and Web Hosting Service

According to CNNIC's policy, registered CN domains will be on "serverhold" unless registrant can provide the MIIT ICP Recording Number. Before applying for MIIT ICP Recording Number, registrant has to use the web host service in China first. If you would like to resolve your CN domains in order to use as website, Net-Chinese's China Marketing Solution Services will assist you to apply for MIIT ICP Recording Number and find the local web hosting service in China.

We provide a full China Marketing Solution Services including:
  • CN Domain Name Service
    • Domain Registration
    • Domain Recovery
    • Domain Resolution
  • China's MIIT ICP Recording Number Registration Service
  • Web Hosting Service in China
  • Internet Keyword

If you're interested in our China Marketing Solution Services, please contact us via [email protected] for more detailed information.
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